Work on Teamwork

’How do you make an expertteam from a team of experts?’

It is not obvious that you get smart solutions and actions when you only bring together smart people. The teamdatabase proves to be of great concern

Each one of us develops ideas and/or insights about what we think to be acceptable in our workplace. The whole of experiences we have stored in our minds we call the database filled with mental models of reality. This database determines amongst others, at an individual level the way we perform.

For the teamperformance as well this database proves to be of great concern. It is dealing with the question if the different members of the team share common mental models of the work and the functioning of the team.

Research proves that the succes of a team highly depends of the level at which they have a common database. In each case there has to be a common vision about what will be expected from the team, which responsibilities they have, which tasks they have to carry out, which authorities they have, which information they share and the communicationpossibilities the team has available.

Very important: which information do they share with one or all the other teammembers. When teammembers share a common (mental) database they often are able to trust each other blindly and may take over each others tasks without having to communicate too much.

The elements of the teamdatabase concern:
the task: what do we have to do?
  • the team: what has each one to offer?
  • the communication which information do we communicate and how?
  • the resources : which resources do we have and how do they work?

this simulation is meant to explore the teamdatabase and to make a step forward to develop this database. 
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