The Beergame

The Beergame

In every trainingprogram you have the opportunity to simulate the supply chain. As a model we make use of The Beergame. This simulation originates form the sixties in USA. We developped our own version.
The experience we gained during the last decade teaches us that this simulation is still contemporarily and widely applicable.

In the chain flow: orders, goods and money. The chain is built around seven links:

the links in the simulation

brewery sales importer wholesale purchasing combination liquor merchant customer

At the beginning, we explain the simulation and we reduce complexity. For example: the assortment is only one product (Beer), the capacity of the brewery, the transportation sytem and the warehouses is infinite, fixed deliverytimes between the links , customer demand is set by limits.

The simulation is carried out in two rounds:
In the first round the participants take over an existing situation. The experience they gain may be used in the second round to change what they think is needed to achieve the improvements they have in mind. 

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