experiences in consultancy


Experiences in consultancy:


  • consultancy around a supply chain in healthcare with orthopedics, oncology, anesthesia and a number of functions like radiology, laboratories and administrative departments

  • consultancy around sourcing and spending of fundings for medical examination 

  • consultancy around the merger of different hospitals into one medical center 

  • consultancy and project management around the delivery of a Decision Support System (DSS) for the planning organization of a Railway Transport organization

  • consultancy and project management around the delivery of a DSS for a global rental company with 13,000 aerial work platforms, telehandlers and forklift trucks

  • consultancy around the coordination of production and distribution of a chemical company

  • consultancy around the centralization of European stock of consumer electronics and the arrangement of a new distribution organization

  • and, as consultant, supporting a diversity of projects in an organization with Life Sciences en Material Sciences as core business

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