Change is a prerequisite for improvement


LOGIS SCM Consultancy starts with determining your goals and objectives.
Your goals will always be related to the factors determining the success of your company.
(WHAT do you want to accomplish: BETTER RESULT).

Next we choose, together with you the areas to be changed to support the accomplishment of your objectives. The areas we prefer are your processes, the control, the organization, and informationstructure.
(HOW will you do what you are doing in another way: CHANGE)

With your vision, strategy and ‘best practices’ in mind we will:

  • together with you, determine your goals and objectives
  • propose options to change, contributing your desired improvements with per options the pro's and cons
  • together with you make a selection of the proposed options
  • deliver a businesscase justifying the proposed changes
  • deliver a plan with capacity needed (own and outsourced)
  • determine the roles in the project (responsibilities, authorities and tasks)
  • monitoring and reporting progress
  • deliver the result as agreed

Our experiences:

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